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A health and fitness destination created exclusively for mums!

Just for you

Being a mum often means putting everyone else’s needs first. But at Yummy Mummy Fitness we are here for you! We believe you are important too and you deserve to be living a healthy, happy, vibrant life. With this in mind, we have created a health and fitness destination that you will fall in love with and provide you with the inspiration, motivation, and support to achieve results you never thought possible.

We’re in this together

Join other like-minded mums and and take this journey together. Your sweat sisters will soon become your fitness family as you are branded together by the determination to reach your goals, the perseverance to push through the tough times, and the celebrations of your achievements along the way. Together we can help you create your very own success story.

Here’s how we do it

Based on the Gold Coast and Logan, our unique program includes bootcamps, free child minding, beginners challenges, transformation challenges, personal training, and nutrition coaching. We provide you with the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and unlock your full potential!

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29th March 2017

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