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Being a mum often means putting everyone else’s needs first. But at Yummy Mummy Fitness we are here for you! We believe you are important too and you deserve to be living a healthy, happy, vibrant life. With this in mind, we have created a health and fitness destination that you will fall in love with and provide you with the inspiration, motivation, and support to achieve results you never thought possible.

We’re in this together

Join other like-minded mums and take this journey together. Your sweat sisters will soon become your fitness family as you are branded together by the determination to reach your goals, the perseverance to push through the tough times, and the celebrations of your achievements along the way. Together we can help you create your very own success story.

Here’s how we do it

Based on the Gold Coast, our unique program includes bootcamps, child minding, beginners challenges, transformation challenges, personal training, and nutrition coaching. We provide you with the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and unlock your full potential!

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Yummy Mummy Blog

3 Ways To Avoid A Plateau

7th February 2018

It’s only early in the year, so you may still be getting into the swing of your exercise and healthy eating habits, but our bodies are very clever and does not take long to adapt to change. When our bodies get used to the changes we have made, it’s possible to experience a plateau in your results. Here’s 3 ways you can avoid hitting a plateau and continue to progress towards your goals.   Read More

How To Manage Your Time To Fit It All In

25th January 2018

Hands up if you’re a mum trying to juggle everything but never seem to have enough time to do it all? Pretty sure majority of us mums would be putting our hands up right now. I know I sure am! I don’t think there will ever come a time where our plates aren’t full of things to do – the juggle is constant, and the struggle is real! But I have a very helpful time management technique to share with you today. This technique has really helped me manage my time better, fit more in, and become more productive.   Read More

Tips To Get More Vegies In Your Diet

12th December 2017

It’s recommended that we get at least 5 serves of vegetables per day for general health. But did you know that a staggering 93% of adults don’t meet their daily requirements!? Are you a part of that 93%? If so, here’s some tips to sneak in more vegetables into your diet.   Read More

The Syndrome

30th November 2017

Do you experience any of these symptoms – a never-ending to-do list, always busy, rush every task, poor short-term memory, love coffee to keep you awake, wine to wind you down, always eating on the run or no time to eat, sleep deprived, no time for yourself? If so then you may be experiencing an all too common ‘syndrome’ that many of us mums suffer from. But don’t worry, we have guest blogger Lou Lovell sharing her tips on how we can overcome this.    Read More