A health and fitness community just for mums.

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By mums, for mums.


Ready to get back into amazing shape? Join our buzzing community of mums so you can look great, feel great and become the best version of yourself. Yummy Mummy Fitness is a women’s fitness group designed by a mum for mums, welcoming women and their children to become a part of an inspiring, supportive community.


Empowering mums to become the best version of themselves.


Our Signature Program

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

Effective, results-driven group fitness classes tailored to the physical needs of mums. We make it safe to exercise at your own pace based on your capabilities. Our experienced trainers provide modifications throughout the class - from scaling back the intensity for beginners, to adding an extra level for those who want a challenge. We support you at every turn.

Free Childminding for Mums

Free Childminding

We understand how difficult it is to exercise when you have children, so we make it super easy for you by making all our classes baby and child friendly and providing free childminding for those who need it. You can exercise with peace of mind knowing your children are happy by your side or in the safe hands of our caring childminders.

Transformation Challenges

Transformation Challenges

Achieve amazing results that you never thought possible and become the fittest, strongest, and healthiest you’ve ever been through our transformation challenges. We work with only a small group of mums so we can be with you every step of the way and leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your goals.


Ready for results?

The Yummy Mummy Experience

The Yummy Mummy Experience

The fitness industry is full of fads and trends, and while we make sure we are always expanding our knowledge, we offer more than just fitness classes. You can exercise anywhere, but as mums, we know you need more than a regular fitness group.

Child Friendly Fitness Group

Child Friendly

Unlike other fitness groups or gyms, babies and children are always welcome. You can bring them with you and exercise with no guilt as they will love coming too! We even have free childminding for the active toddlers who want to play freely in the playground.

Community to give you support

Support Network

Having a community where you can stop during a workout and pick up your baby or see them having fun while you workout is really important. Our support network of mums truly understand you. We share your pains and joys, and offer you a smile or a helping hand when you need it.

Meet Like Minded Mums

Meet Like Minded Mums

Motherhood can be an isolating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Meet new mums and bond through exercise and other social events that we regularly organise. Create new friendships with like-minded mums.

Specialist Trainers

Specialist Trainers

Whilst any trainer could learn the science behind pre and post-natal exercise, only real mums can truly understand what it’s like. It’s for this reason that all of our trainers are mums themselves, so you know you’re in the safe hands of someone who really gets you.


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