My Story

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over fourteen years, I am passionate about my industry and love what I do! Yummy Mummy Fitness brings positivity and benefits to so many mums and provides me with the opportunity to connect with amazing people every day.

Like so many women, I wasn’t prepared for the changes motherhood brings. It’s not just the emotional and physical aspects of our lives that change, it’s also our social life and careers that undergo huge transitions. As a new mum and pregnant with my second daughter, I was confronted with the issue of how I could still work and balance being a good parent. It was no longer possible for me to run sessions for clients when I used to. Bootcamp at 5:30am anyone?! Not likely when you’re totally sleep deprived or your baby feeds at that hour of the morning. And as any mum can relate, ‘witching hour’ meant that late afternoons and early evenings were out too. It was time to adapt!

I continued to research, to deepen my knowledge on post-natal training and observe the needs of other women who were trying to juggle their fitness with babies or small children. There was little available where mums could be active and bring their children – where they had a supportive environment and could build friendships. I could see an opportunity to create something that was really going to make a difference - it was here that Yummy Mummy Fitness was ‘born’.

From the beginning, my goal was always to inspire mums to be the best version of themselves with a healthy and active lifestyle. Each week I see mums transforming because of our program and thriving because of the motivation, support and friendships that the Yummy Mummy Fitness community brings. By creating this empowering culture and designing each element of the business around the needs of women with children, Yummy Mummy Fitness continues to succeed and grow.