About Margaret Galang, Founder of Yummy Mummy Fitness

Margaret is the proud mum of two daughters, Scarlett and Harper. Margaret has been in the health and fitness industry for over 14 years, she holds a Certificate IV in Fitness and a Bachelor Degree in Public Health. Margaret has worked as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at various studios on the Gold Coast as well as interstate and overseas, before launching Yummy Mummy Fitness in 2011.

How did Yummy Mummy Fitness start?

Margaret never realised just how much life changes once you become a mum, and one of the things she quickly discovered was the challenges of fitting in a health and fitness routine that worked with the demands of motherhood. So her goal was to figure out a way to make it work – a way for mums to exercise, that worked with a baby or child in tow, and be able to meet some other mum friends to not only work out with, but to create a support network to help make motherhood feel less isolating. So by combining the concept of bootcamps, mothers group and playgroup, Yummy Mummy Fitness was born! Now we are on a mission to inspire and motivate as many mums as we can to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and we make that possible through our unique health and fitness program.

Why do you we do what we do?

We do what we do because we know how life changes after becoming a mum. We often put everyone else’s needs first and forget about our own, but we believe mums are important too and deserve to be living a healthy, happy, vibrant life. We want to help mums from all walks of life, at any stage of their motherhood journey – from first time mums to mums with older children, and anyone else in between. We have seen so many amazing transformations over the years – and not just physical, but more importantly, lifestyle transformations where mums are given a whole new lease on life by feeling more confident within themselves, feeling comfortable in their own skin, re-discovering their own identity as a person, and leading a healthy lifestyle that benefits their entire family.

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