2 Easy Ways To Kick Start Your Health And Fitness

woman running on the beach

Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

Are you a mum who wants to start their health and fitness journey, but not too sure where to begin? In this blog we give you 2 things you can do to get you kick started! There’s so much information out there, lots of different ways to achieve results. But we’re here to keep things super simple, anybody can do it, no matter what your health and fitness is currently like.

1. EXERCISE – Start Walking.

Doesn’t matter how long you go for or how far you go, the aim is just to get out there and get the body moving. To make this doable for anyone, lets keep it super simple – start with one walk this week for 20-30 minutes (or however long you get time for). Then the following week, increase it by a second walk or do a 30-40 minute walk. Then the following weeks after that, your aim is to continue to increase (either your frequency or time/distance) until you’ve found a walking routine that suits your schedule.

2. NUTRITION – More Fruit & Veges, Less Processed Food

Do a clean out of your fridge and pantry, and stock up on more fresh food. A really good way to kick start your healthy eating habits is to increase your intake of vegetables and fruit. Don’t over complicate it, just aim to get more of the good stuff into your diet somehow. Any addition of vegetables and fruit, and decrease in processed and packaged foods will benefit your health. If you want something more definitive to follow, aim for 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit each day.

So, if you’re wanting to do something to kick start your health and fitness journey, start with these 2 things. Don’t try to go from zero to hero! Take small steps and aim for progress, not perfection.

Margaret Galang