3 Tips For Staying Motivated

group of women working out

Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

Getting motivated can be easy, it’s staying motivated that’s the hard part! Here’s our top 3 tips for staying motivated.

# Tip 1: Do exercise that you love to do.

There’s nothing more motivating then doing exercise that you actually enjoy. If you have yet to find exercise that you enjoy, our recommendation is to try out as many different forms of exercise as you can, until you find the one! Most places offer a free trial, so take advantage and get going!

#Tip 2: Be accountable to something or someone else.

There’s lots of different ways to make yourself accountable – join a fitness group, get a personal trainer, get a training buddy, tell family and friends about your goals, or even put yourself out there on social media by posting a before photo or posting up your goals. It’s easy to make excuses to ourselves to skip that workout or choose the less healthier food option, but when you’re accountable to others, they won’t let you give in to your excuses as easily.

#Tip 3: Know your why.

Why is it important to you exercise regularly? Why is it important to you to eat healthy? Why is it so important to you to look after yourself? When you have really strong reasons why you do these things, then you’re going to find it a lot easier to stay motivated and on track.

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Margaret Galang