5 Ways To Boost Your Results

woman having an intense work out

Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

Have you found yourself stuck in a bit of a plateau and not seeing much change with your results? When you get to that point, it often means that your body has gotten used to your normal routine and it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and give your body a bit of a shock in order to see results. Here’s 5 ways to boost your results…

  1. Sign up for a fitness event – having a specific event to train for can give your training a sense of purpose and motivate you to stay on track. It also gives you a deadline to work with.

  2. Increase your intensity – go into your workouts with the mindset of always trying to do better than you did in your previous workouts. Whether its lifting heavier weights or increasing the amount of reps or completing a circuit in a faster time. Don’t get complacent and push yourself.

  3. Do the exercises that you don’t like – everyone has those certain exercises that they don’t like doing, and usually we don’t like doing them because they’re hard! But it’s those very exercises we find challenging that we need to work on the most. It forces you to get out of your comfort zone and gives your body a new challenge.

  4. Set yourself a measurable goal – if you don’t have anything to aim towards, how do you know you’re improving and getting results? This is why a specific and measurable goal is a good way to see your results. Set yourself a goal that you can write down, and at the end of a certain time period, you can tick it off if you have achieved it. Remember, it has to be measurable, e.g. run 5kms non-stop.

  5. Change one habit in your diet – just like changing up your training, your diet may need a bit of a shake up too. Keep a food diary of everything you eat for one week. Analyse it and pick one thing that you’re going to change that will lead you to better results.

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Margaret Galang