About Margaret, Founder of Yummy Mummy Fitness

mother having fun with her two daughters

  • I’m Margaret, Founder of Yummy Mummy Fitness.

  • I have two daughters, 13 months apart, Harper 6 years old and Scarlett 7 years old.

  • I split from the girls’ dad when they were only young and was a single mum for a while until I met my fiancé Kayla. We’ve been together for 4 years.

  • I started YMF when I was mid-way through my pregnancy with Harper in 2011 (not sure what I was thinking!).

  • I had been a Personal Trainer for many years before starting YMF, but after becoming a mum, everything changed, and I had to find a way to make my career work with motherhood.

  • I also wanted to create a support network for myself, so training mums was ideal for me, for both my work life and personal life!

  • YMF started out with 1 class per week and there were 3 mums at the very first class.

  • Fast forward 7 years and we now run classes 6 days per week at 2 locations on the Gold Coast with anywhere up to 18 mums in a class.

  • The goals of YMF have always remained the same – to motivate mums to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through our unique health and fitness program.

  • But I knew YMF couldn’t just be like every other fitness group. I wanted YMF to be built on a foundation of community. A community of like-minded mums who support, motivate, encourage, inspire, and understand each other.

  • We train together, we achieve our goals together, we do things we never thought possible, we laugh together, we have drunken nights out together, and we offer a helping hand to each other during this challenging motherhood journey.

  • We get mums because we are mums ourselves and we face the same challenges.

  • But we also know what mums are capable of and don’t put limits on what they can achieve.

  • The future of YMF is big and I want to give mums all around Australia the opportunity to be a part of their own YMF community. Stay tuned for what’s on the cards in the near future.

  • In the meantime, if you live on the Gold Coast, join us at Upper Coomera or Reedy Creek.

  • Membership spaces are limited so get started today with a one week free trial. Go to – yummymummyfitness.com.au/free-trial/

Margaret Galang