Benefits Of Being A Morning Person And How To Become One

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Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Science says our natural tendency to be a morning person, night owl, or somewhere in between, is partly controlled by our genetics – called a chronotype. But that’s not to say we can’t change our sleeping and waking patterns. Research shows that being a morning person may be linked to being happier, weighing less and able to maintain it, better sleep quality, and better mental health. Aside from the health benefits, here are more reasons to not let the sun catch you in bed…

Have more time for your day. Need we say more? Who doesn’t want more time!?

Increase productivity. Accomplish more things before most people are even out of bed!

Create a morning routine. You don’t have to jump straight into your to-do list. You can spend that extra time in the morning doing something you enjoy to set you up for a good day.

Helps you stick to your exercise schedule. Getting it done and dusted first thing means you’re less likely to miss your workout if unexpected things come up during the day.

Feel more energised. Depending on what you do for your morning routine, releasing endorphins gives you a great boost to feel good for the rest of the day.

Have uninterrupted time to yourself. Take the time to savour that coffee in peace and quiet or get tasks done in a distraction-free environment.

You get to see the prettiest time of day. Cue the sunrise selfie!

So how do you become a morning person if you’re hardwired to be a night owl? It may take some time to get used to and self-discipline, but it is possible. Here are some tips…

Have a schedule. Set yourself a bed time and a wake-up time – make it the same time each day so your body clock can get used to it. Morning people aren’t using willpower to rise and shine, they’re using habits. Do this every day until it becomes a habit.

Aim for 6-8 hours of quality sleep so you don’t wake up tired and groggy.

Go to bed earlier. Start getting ready for bed 30 mins before your actual bed time. Allow yourself to unwind and relax so you can fall asleep at your desired bed time.

Avoid the snooze button. Instead of setting your alarm super early, only to hit snooze a million times (and then end up sleeping in!), set it at the time you need to actually wake up. Not only will this allow you more quality sleep, it will help you instil the habit of waking up early.

Make exercise a part of your morning routine. Will power is strongest in the morning and then steadily depletes over the course of the day. Get your workout done and dusted, release endorphins, feel a great sense of satisfaction, and then enjoy the rest of your day!

Do something positive and productive. Starting your day off on the right foot can impact your mood for the rest of the day. Take some time in the morning to do something positive or productive like exercising, or writing down a short list of things you’re grateful for, or listen to or read an inspirational story.

Get everything ready the night before. Whatever you want to do with your extra time in the morning, get it ready the night before. That way there’s less thinking in the morning and you can get straight into it. E.g. If you’re going to exercise, lay out your activewear so it’s ready to go. Or, if you’re going to get work done, have your to-do list out and anything you need to execute tasks.

Getting up early is a powerful tool to improve your life (and health, according to research), and everyone has access to it but not many take advantage of it. If you’re wanting to become a morning person, it won’t happen automatically overnight. Try our tips for a consecutive 21-28 days or until it becomes a habit. Your body clock will eventually get used to it, and once you’re a morning person, you’ll wonder how you did it any other way!

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Margaret Galang