How Changing Your Perception Can Change Your World

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Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

This is me, Margaret, Founder of Yummy Mummy Fitness, doing the Mt Warning climb earlier this year with the YMF crew. I’ve done the climb a few times before and have always remembered the burning in the legs and lots of huffing and puffing. But this particular climb felt really good! For the first time in a long time, I actually felt like my training was paying off. It felt so good to feel really fit. I was happy with where I was at with my health and fitness, and content with my body.

Then the following week we had body composition scans for one of our 8 week challenges, so I decided to do a scan and see where I was at. Since I was feeling so good, I expected the numbers to reflect that. But turned out I was actually a few kgs over in body fat than I normally am and I had a little less muscle than usual. Huh, go figure! I was shocked. So what did that do for me the following week? I felt completely unmotivated, put no real effort into my training, and overall felt pretty deflated. How is it that those numbers could have such a dramatic effect on how I felt about myself when only moments before the scan I was feeling great!? From that, I learned something very important and I want to share with you the moral to my story…

How you feel about yourself does not have to be defined by the number on the scales. You can still feel good about yourself, have self-confidence, and feel fit and healthy even though you are not at your “goal weight”. Perception is everything. How you perceive yourself should come from your mindset, not from the scales. This is true for all areas in life too. How you choose to perceive something will determine the outcome. You have the ability to change your perception about any given situation. By simply changing your perception, you can change your world.

After my little realisation, I put the scans away and went back to being blissfully happy about myself. The numbers on the scan did however make me more aware that I had to make some tweaks to my diet and do more strength training. But, I didn’t let that change the way I felt about my health and fitness – only that I have room for improvement.

Margaret x

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Margaret Galang