How To Enjoy The Silly Season Without The Guilt

woman in sportswear running on the beach

Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

The silly season is upon us and it’s all about parties, celebrations, eating, and drinking. Not exactly ideal if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain the results you’ve achieved throughout the year. But this is how we look at it – the silly season only comes once a year, and if you generally lead a healthy and active lifestyle then you deserve a few weeks of carefree festivities. Because if you can’t ever enjoy life, then what’s the point, right? Now that’s not to say you throw all your healthy habits out the window. There are some basic essentials that you should try to maintain over the holidays to ensure you don’t go completely backwards…

Stay active

It doesn’t have to be structured exercise, staying active over the holidays may mean kicking the ball around with the kids, jumping on the trampoline, doing some laps while swimming in the pool, or going for a scenic bike ride. Anything that keeps the body moving rather than being sedentary on the couch.

Do short high intensity workouts

If you don’t want to lose your fitness gains, aim to do a few HIIT sessions. We will be posting up some home HIIT workouts over the holidays so make sure you’re following us on Facebook or Instagram.

Eat mindfully

It’s easy to eat more than you realise when you’re just picking at food or eating out of packets so make sure you always serve yourself up a reasonable portion (and then put the packets away!).

Don’t forget your veges

You may be eating more treats than usual but don’t forget to include veges into your main meals. You still want to be fuelling your body with some nutritious food over the holidays.

Stay hydrated

If you’re likely to enjoy more alcohol over the holidays, make sure you’re still drinking your water too. Try to go one for one with alcohol and water.

Try to keep these few tips in mind over the holidays. But our main rules are that you soak up the quality time with your family, indulge in some R and R, and enjoy the holidays guilt-free! This is our last blog for 2016. We’re taking a short break for the holidays and will be back in 2017!

Margaret Galang