How To Kick Start Healthy Eating Habits

woman in gym clothes drinking healthy smoothie

Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

Healthy eating is really quite simple, but there is so much contradictory evidence out there on what foods are good and bad for us. It’s hard to know what to believe. In this quick post I’m going to make life a whole lot simpler.

The #1 Tip

Despite all the fads and trends, there is one concept that remains the same, no matter what diet you choose to follow… it’s all based on eating REAL FOOD! All foods have their benefits but processed, packaged, and convenient foods usually contain food-like substances that are no good for us and are often void of any essential nutrients. Instead, aim to eat food from the Earth not from a factory. Source local produce, eat seasonally, and purchase organic as much as you can.

So How Can You Kick Start Your Healthy Habits?

Audit Your Kitchen

Start by having a look at your kitchen and the food you currently have in your house. Is the food that you have mainly fresh ingredients? Or do you have more foods that are in packages, boxes, bottles and jars?

Praise the Veggies

Increase your intake of vegetables. The number one food that people don’t eat enough of. It can be as simple as throwing some extra veggies into your meals, adding spinach or kale into a smoothie or adding a side salad. Eat more veggies!

Make it Fun

Even if you’re not a big fan of cooking, you’d be surprised at how fun it can be if you try out some new recipes. Do some research on the internet or social media for some real food inspo, and try out 2 new recipes this week.

Fill The Trolley

Next time you do your groceries, check your trolley and try to fill it with two thirds of fresh food (e.g. vegetables, fruits, lean meat etc), and one third everything else.

One Step At a Time

If you’re new to healthy eating, then just make one change at a time until it becomes habit. Don’t try to rush in and make major changes full of restrictions that will only set you up to fail. Focus on creating healthy habits that will last you a lifetime.

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Margaret Galang