How To Stay On The Health Bandwagon, Even On Weekends

table full of food and drinks

Words By: Mansi Price, YMF Trainer

It’s Fri-Yay! So, you’ve been doing great eating healthy and exercising during the week but what happens when the weekend comes around? You’ve got social events on, there’s temptation in the household, and then there’s wine!!! Here’s my top tips to help you stay on track on the weekends:

Plan Your Treats

If you want to wind down a little over the weekend, then plan your treats in advance – whether it be a main meal or a dessert. Then, ensure that the rest of your meals are healthy and that each of these meals contains some lean protein and veggies.


Start your weekend off with a Saturday morning workout, you’ll feel great after it!

Active Rest

Go for a nice walk, play football with the kids, cycle, do some gardening, or housework lol (whatever floats your boat). This increases your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). You will burn extra calories without even realising it and you’re enjoying time with your families.

Hydrate – lots of water!

Enough said!

Easy On the Sides

If you know you’re eating out for breakfast, lunch or dinner – opt for poached, baked, grilled, steamed etc. and hold any sauces on the side so you can portion it. If you want to have that slice of toast with your breakfast, have it and enjoy it! I like to stick with sourdough or gluten free, that’s just my preference, but I would recommend wholegrain over white refined bread. Opt for healthy veggies instead of anything fried, i.e. hot chips etc.

Check the Calories

If you are planning to eat a treat meal out – let’s say for example Grill’d or Pizza, most restaurants provide the calorie content in their food, so check it out online in advance. If you see a meal is about 800-900 calories (that’s a fair whack), either look for a lower alternative or eat half of it or enjoy the whole meal but ensure your other meals that day are full of lean protein and veggies. Don’t starve yourself for that one meal.

Lower Calorie Alcohol

Alcohol – I do enjoy a glass of red! Alcohol can hinder fat loss and when you’ve had a drink, the first thing your body will burn when you do exercise is the booze, before it even taps into fat or carbs for fuel. So, limit it or go for lower calorie options. Think spirits – vodka or gin mixed with soda water, or a low carb beer like Burleigh Big Head. I love red wine, but I do limit myself to a glass, 2 max that’s it, and I don’t fill mine up that much, especially when I’m keeping my nutrition in check.


If you over indulge – don’t stress!!! It’s ok, you can get back on track without having to exercise all the food off. Enjoy exercise, it’s a privilege we have that’s denied to many. If we feel we have to exercise to burn food off, it isn’t enjoyable.


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Margaret Galang