The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned About Having Balance as a Mum

mom carrying her two kids on the beach

Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

I never knew how big a role “having balance” would play in my life until I became a mum. When you’re pregnant, you anticipate and try to prepare yourself for the changes that are going to happen once the baby comes. But in my experience, no amount of preparation or advice from others can ever truly prepare you for just how much your life changes once you become a mum. It’s just something you don’t fully understand until it happens.

Once you become a mum, I think life becomes a constant juggle between all the different facets of our lives. I am forever trying to maintain balance between work, kids, relationship, household, family and friends, clients, training, health and fitness etc. etc. I’ll be honest, it is hard work and it takes discipline, organisation, and good time management skills to have everything in order. But, I have come to realise that it is not always possible to have a perfectly balanced life all the time. I consider myself to be pretty good at this whole life balancing act, but last week it hit me how my life had gotten so out of balance. Work had been consuming a major part of my life, which on one hand is a good thing as it meant YMF is doing great and I love my job so it excites me when I’m really busy, but on the other hand it meant that I was not spending enough quality time with my family, I was skipping meals because I was too busy to eat, I wasn’t getting enough sleep so I was running on caffeine to keep me energized, and I wasn’t putting enough time into my own training. All of this combined hit me like a tonne of bricks when I had to do a long distance run with the Yummy Mummies and it absolutely killed me – I was tired, had no energy and every single stride was an effort! It was then I realised just how out of balance my life had gotten and it was time for some adjustments!

You might feel like you have everything in order until some area in your life requires a bit more attention. As you spend more of your time and energy in that area of your life, other areas start to slip and before you know it, that balance is lost… But that’s ok… Once you become aware that your life is imbalanced, you can work on getting it back in order again.

I believe there will always be times in our lives when we have no balance whatsoever (whether we’re too focused on work, not focused enough, spending too much time procrastinating etc.) and then there will be other times when everything is working well. This constant ebb and flow in life is totally natural and we should be kinder to ourselves when things are a little out of kilter. This lesson I learned came to me at a time when my life wasn’t in balance and learning this allowed me to take the pressure off myself and say, it’s ok, I’m still doing alright! I think it is so important for us mums to give ourselves a break sometimes because we put so much pressure on ourselves to do and be everything for everyone else, that when we have off days or weeks we think we are not doing a good job. And that couldn’t be further from the truth! So, if you’re currently going through a time where you don’t have any balance in your life and everything’s a little bit all over the place, don’t worry, take a deep breath, and take comfort in knowing that it is not going to be like this forever. You just have to make some adjustments wherever you can to get everything back into place.

Be kind to yourself, you are doing a great job (even if you think you aren’t!).

Margaret x

Margaret Galang