The Syndrome

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Words By: Lou Lovell, YMF Member

Hi, my name is Lou, I am a mum of two and we have been coming to Yummy Mummy Fitness for 5 years. Margaret asked me about one year ago if I would be interested in writing a blog for her and I was like, “sure I will get onto it”! Just add that to the never-ending to-do list and then have a slight panic attack about when and how I will ever have time. So, I had all these ideas racing through my mind of what I could share with you, like, my fitness journey (but that has been done), living with a kid on the autism spectrum, being a FIFO wife, how to be a fun mum, or my essential oils addiction. Instead I thought I would share with you about a syndrome that I have and maybe you do too. Some of the symptoms of this syndrome include:

  • A never-ending to-do list that you are not happy with unless you have ticked off the tasks

  • You always use the excuse that you are too busy

  • You rush every task and most of the time you do it wrong

  • You have poor short-term memory similar to a goldfish

  • You love coffee to keep you awake and you need wine to wind you down

  • Always eating on the run or skipping meals because you don’t have time

  • You are often sleep deprived

This person is always busy and has limited time to themselves, they are normally found in the home where they are the domestic goddess, carer of tiny humans, some also hold down a job, and they normally set themselves an impossible daily to-do list. At the end of the day you are struggling to keep up. This goes on day in and day out trying to catch your breathe. This in turn is affecting your long-term health and before you know it, you will come crashing down in a big heap! Does this sound familiar? Well it did for me!

This syndrome I am referring to is called ‘The Rushing Women’s Syndrome’. This is the real deal ladies, google ‘Dr Libby’, she has written a book about it! If you are still reading this, maybe you too have the syndrome. I have started to make some changes to ensure I don’t burn out, so I thought I would share my tips on how to slow down and manage those daily tasks.

First, in your diary or notebook write down what you are going to – STOP, KEEP, START.

For example:
STOP trolling through Facebook reading bullshit
KEEP attending my YMF classes
START eating a healthy lunch

Ditch the to-do list – half the shit on there you don’t really need to do that day. No one really cares if you don’t clean out the Tupperware drawer today.

Use the Wunderlist App it helps you tick off all your personal and professional to-do’s and sorts all your tasks into priority. Go to

Use the OTI Organiser! Designed for mums by mums. Each weekly opening has a spot to jot down notes for each day, exercise plan, menu plan, to-do’s and notes. Visit my shop online:

Start time blocking – this is where you block time to complete tasks. Make sure you block some down time for you to read a book, watch Game of Thrones or whatever your time out looks like.

Order your groceries or fruit and vegetables online.

Ask for support, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Essential oils of course. I mentioned my oils addiction earlier and I’m referring to doTerra essential oils. If you haven’t experienced essential oils before and you are looking for natural solutions to support you and your family then you need to check them out. My family have been using them for years and we have experienced so many positive results. If you use doTerra already, here are my recommendations to support you:

Sleep – Lavender Peace, Lavender
Emotions – Peace, Balance, Clary Calm
Energy – Peppermint, Wild Orange, Motivate Blend
Focus – Lemon, Intune Blend

Supplements. The Lifelong Vitality Supplements from doTerra are like mummy speed for me, covering all basis – energy, health and life long vitality. Check out this blog for more info:

Lastly, and I am not telling you anything new here, we need to – keep moving (Yummy Mummy Fitness classes are perfect), eat real food, and limit alcohol and coffee (sorry, this is hard for me too, I am trying).

Wow, I better stop typing and sign off! I hope you enjoyed my first blog, please take care of you and reach out if you need a little help!

Lou xx

PS. If you would like to find out more about the products I have mentioned in the blog then please contact me via:

Instagram: @happydaze_essentials

Margaret Galang