Your Post-Easter Detox Plan

woman holding a bowl of fruits

Words By: Margaret Galang, YMF Founder

Did you indulge a little too much over Easter? Get back into healthy eating habits with this simple 5 step detox plan.

Step 1: Get rid of any leftover chocolate!

Preferably not by eating it all lol. Give it away to family or friends, donate it somewhere, or just throw it away. Take away any temptation to eat more chocolate. Out of sight, out of mind!

Step 2: Hydrate

If you’ve been enjoying the holiday wines and cocktails, it’s time to give your body a break from those nasty toxins and re-hydrate it with good old H20. For the next 7 days, commit to starting your day with a glass of water (with a squeeze of lemon) and then continue the rest of your day drinking at least 2 litres.

Step 3: Reduce your portion sizes

Being on holidays or out and about with the family means you probably haven’t been in your normal eating routine. It’s easy to overeat when you’re eating out, so start reducing your portion sizes. Only eat until you no longer feel hungry, rather than continuing to eat until you are stuffed! The best way to ensure you don’t overeat is to eat slowly, that way you give your brain time to recognise that you’re full.

Step 4: Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Get rid of the processed crap and start eating natural fresh food again. Start by eating more fruit and vegetables. Aim for 2 serves of fruit per day and 5 serves of vegetables per day. Pair this up with lean protein and complex carbs, and you’ll be back to nourishing your body with healthy, nutritious food.

Step 5: Be consistent

Whatever changes you decide to make, you need to stick to it in order to see results. If you want to continue with these healthy eating habits, being organised and prepared is the key! Create a menu plan for the week ahead, do your grocery shopping to ensure you have everything you need for your meals, and lastly, meal prep! Yes, meal prepping can take up a bit of time, but in the end it saves you a whole lot of time during the week and will ensure you don’t get off track.

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Margaret Galang