We understand how hard it can be to fit in exercise when you have children to look after, so we provide free child minding at most of our bootcamps. Your children can play happily nearby while you enjoy your workout. Our child minder is fully equipped with toys and activities that will keep your children entertained.

Child Minding Guidelines

For the safety of your child, and the entire child minding group, we have created the following guidelines:

  • Child minding is available for children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years (or pre-prep age). Babies and younger children are welcome, however, they must remain securely strapped in their pram. The child minder will not be able to nurse or carry them as they are responsible for a large group of children and this may compromise the safety of those in care. School aged children cannot be included in child minding; they are welcome to play with the child minding group, however, it will be at the parents own risk and the child minder will not be responsible for them. During school holidays, an assistant child minder may be recruited for school aged children, but will incur a small charge, and is subject to availability.
  • Child minding is available 10 minutes prior to class start time and 5 minutes after class finish time. Ensure you arrive with enough time to complete the sign-in procedure and to allow your children to settle in before class starts. If it is the first time that your child will be minded, ensure you communicate with the child minder if your child has any allergies or other specific needs. If there are any activities that you do not want your child to take part in, please communicate this also. Ensure you collect your child immediately after class finishes.
  • Children that are sick are not permitted in child minding. If they have an infectious illness, they must have a doctor’s clearance to be allowed back into child minding.
  • The children and mums will be staying in the same area for the entire duration of the class, so your child will be close by should you need to attend to them. If your child strays from the group, it is your responsibility to bring your child back as the child minder is not able to leave the rest of the group.
  • The child minder provides toys and activities for the children to share. If you choose to bring your own, please leave anything valuable at home and only bring items that you are happy to be shared with other children. Yummy Mummy Fitness and the child minder are not responsible for any items that get lost, broken or damaged.
  • The role of the child minder is to supervise and play with the children. It is not the role of the child minder to undertake parental duties such as feeding or changing nappies.
  • Whilst the child minder will do everything in their power to keep children safe and happy, the ultimate responsibility for the child remains with the parent. Yummy Mummy Fitness and the child minder are not liable for any injury or accident that may occur.
  • A maximum of 12 children are allowed in child minding.